Tips to Be a Safe Driver

Your vehicle was a big purchase. It is also a dangerous item. Unsafe driving could hurt you, the people around you, and destroy your investment. Here are a few tips to ensure that you are safe on the road.

- Always adjust seats, seat belts, and the radio before venturing out for the day.

- Put your cellphone on silent and avoid texting.

- Check for properly inflated tires, that lights and signals are working correctly, look for anything else that may be out of place or dangerous.

- Always watch for pedestrians and cyclists, be attentive to them and give plenty of room. Remember to share the road!

- Be sure to be on the defense and watch other drivers around you, try and anticipate their moves.

- Watch for potholes and other road debris, always maintain two hands on the wheel in case of unexpected road hazards.

With these few simple safety tips you can ensure that the lives around you and your own are well protected. Be aware out there and be safe! If you notice your tires are losing inflation or any of your signals aren’t working correctly, bring your vehicle to us at Dan Welle’s Southtown, Inc. Sauk Centre in Sauk Centre, MN, and we can take a look at your vehicle and perform the necessary repairs.

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